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Investors have traditionally distinguished investing from sustainable investing. Our Panvest® philosophy and process eliminates the need to make that distinction. We propose the evolution of investing as Panvesting. As Panvestors it is our goal to become a stakeholder in all forms of capital – only then do we believe we will we benefit comprehensively as shareholders.

Panarchy Partners is a registered funds management company in Singapore and was founded in 2018 by a passionate team of experienced investment professionals, who aspire to redefine wealth and its creation. We offer sustainability-driven funds management to our Partners, who have a shared desire of Sustainable Returns and Progress on all 4 forms of capital; Human, Social, Environmental and Financial.

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Panarchy Partners – Fund Management Singapore

Mission Statement

“Be the change you want to create.”

At Panarchy Partners, we believe that positive change, and
the ability to respond to changes, creates resilience, the
foundation of sustainability. All of us have the potential to
make a change if we want to.

What Is A Panvestor?

Noun: A person or organization that focuses on all forms of capital: Human, Social, Environmental and Financial – with the expectation of achieving returns and progress on all. 

Anyone can be a Panvestor. Our Panvestor Partners are our stakeholders, our clients, our team and our investment universe of companies and are pivotal to our mission, ‘Be The Change You Want To Create.’


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What Is Social Capital?

Social capital is often confused with human capital, but unlike human capital it sits outside an organisation. Like all other forms of capital we identify with, social capital can be used not only to reduce risk but also create value.

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An announcement, without preamble
Beloved investors of this generation
In front of you 4 forms of capital are gathered
Financial, Social, Human and Environmental

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Are We Ready To Evolve as Investors

The Latin word “Investire” gave us the transitive verb “Invest” in 1605. Invest we did… investors we became, in the Dutch and British East India companies. The first listed stocks commonly traded.

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At Panarchy Partners we see Sustainability as not an option but a necessity. We see Respect and Resilience as the two key
ingredients for Sustainability. Respect of our surrounds, respect of the wishes and concerns of all our stakeholders helps
defines what matters. Resilience then comes from acting with purpose, innovation and flexibility on what matters to our
stakeholders. Respect and Resilience makes us a Sustainable Partner.

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