Mission Statement

“Be the change you want to create.” At Panarchy Partners, we believe that positive change, and the ability to respond to changes, creates resilience, the foundation of sustainability. All of us have the potential to make a change if we want to. Asset Management is a relatively young industry with less than 100 years of existence, but in this short period it has become a power to be reckoned with. With financial assets having grown to be 3.5 times of global GDP, the impact of wealth is now greater than ever. Financial returns can no longer be created in a void without due respect for human, social, and environmental capital. Investing for sustainable wealth creation in a sustainable world requires a change in approach. We want to be part of that change.

Our Values


Doing the right thing

At Panarchy Partners, we are honest with and to ourselves as individuals and the team. We always follow our convictions and we do the right thing under all circumstances. We are unbiased and critical in our quest for truth, and we are unafraid to contradict the prevailing views if we have conviction. We are reliable and responsible to our clients and our stakeholders, and we work only in the best interests of them. We lead by example, striving to set a global standard for sustainable investing, Panvesting.


Building relationships

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. To create the change we want to create, we need to partner with many people and organizations – our employees, our portfolio companies, our clients, our service providers, our peers, the community, and all other stakeholders, OUR PARTNERS. The cornerstone of working well with others is respectfulness. Respectfulness is also one of the key guiding principles behind our investments. We only invest in companies and people that are respectful to their various stakeholders, including society, their employees, and the environment.


Quality in all we do

For long-term success, in both our business and in creating value for our clients, we need to be dedicated and diligent in what we do, constantly refining and improving our processes and emphasizing quality in all that we do. We are comprehensive and careful in the research that we do, and we ensure that our processes are robust and repeatable. We foster a learning culture within the company — a willingness to challenge and debate, and an eagerness to seek knowledge and educate.


Challenge the status quo

Our work on sustainable investing requires us to innovate, not to reinvent the wheel, but rather to promote a new method or perspective. We are flexible in our thinking, entrepreneurial and bold in creating change. We reach beyond boundaries and experiment, challenging the status quo of traditional investing methods. We seek out portfolio companies that have similar values, that have built up resilience through flexibility and innovation. Panarchy Partners is here to do things better. Our team is constantly seeking new ideas, asking questions, and eager to participate in the discourse.


Commitment drives success

With our new approach towards building sustainable portfolios, we must have drive and commitment to energize, engage, educate and inspire others. Our passion for what we do is the key to our success. Every member of the Panarchy Partners team believes in one another and what we are trying to accomplish. Without passion, we cannot possibly drive change in a meaningful way.