Companies that exhibit positive incremental change in their treatment of a form of capital, yet where the market appears to ignore or underappreciate the efforts undertaken, is where we see potential for value creation in the future, and these companies are therefore considered for inclusion in the portfolio.

We use a 5-phase process with traditional financial analysis towards the end, not the start with our proprietary resilience analysis central to what we do. Our in-house sustainability analysts scrutinize and score the companies on the factors we deem critical to attain resilience, a must-have precursor to sustainability. This analysis helps us to not only better quantify the rate of change in returns and progress we should expect from all four forms of capital but also identify those companies that are more likely to have resilient returns in the face of change, in other words sustainable returns and progress over time – precisely what we seek as Panvestors. 


Panarchy Partners – Fund Management Singapore