Our Material Issues

With a robust sustainability strategy in place, Panarchy Partners in its first year of operations has initiated a materiality assessment of its business which is fundamental in walking the talk while creating value for its stakeholders. The materiality assessment adhered to the principles of the AccountAbility AA1000 five-part materiality assessment criteria and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards.

Criteria used for ranking material topics*

  Relevance to Panarchy Partners Relevance to External Stakeholders
Ranking Direct Financial Impact Part of Organizational Values and Commitments, (Policies, ERM, Corporate Governance) Stakeholder behavior and concerns (reputation, performance) Societal norms
(regulatory & non-regulatory)
High High Impact Yes High Importance High Importance
Medium Medium Impact Considering Medium Importance Medium Importance
Low Low Impact No Low Importance Low Importance
* Based on AccountAbility AA1000 Five-Part Materiality TestThrough an intensive stakeholder engagement exercise, Panarchy has identified material issues and classified them as Most critical (Tier 1), Critical (Tier 2), and Semi-critical (Tier 3).

Panarchy Partner’s Materiality Matrix