Our Approach to Sustainability

At Panarchy Partners, our approach to sustainability is absolutely central to everything we do. As a progressive funds management group with a unique focus on all four forms of capital, we advocate responsible business in line with social values and environmental protection, and strive to uphold them to the highest standards.

Respect and resilience are two traits we recognize when we partner with our clients and stakeholders – we use them equally as a yardstick to be accountable and transparent in our activities.

With active engagement and dialogue with the companies we invest in, business partners and clients we partner with, and employees that we share a passion with, is what defines Panarchy’s motivation to achieve sustainable growth.

What is Sustainability ?

At Panarchy Partners we see Sustainability as not an option but a necessity. Defining Sustainability is a subjective call and we take inspiration from global natural ecosystems. Through Eco-mimicry we see Sustainability as having Respect and Resilience as two sides of the same coin.

Respect of our surrounds and respect of the wishes and concerns of all our Stakeholders is at the core of our Sustainability Strategy. At Panarchy Partners our stakeholders represent all forms of capital, Human, Social, Financial and Environmental. Knowing all the material issues that matter to our Stakeholders and which we have control over, only then can we embark on our Sustainability Journey.

Respect is only the first side of Sustainability. Respect becomes Resilience, when we Act with purpose in fulfilling our obligations, when we are Innovative in how we think and when we are Flexible in order to react appropriately to our ever-changing environment and responsibilities.

Actions, Innovation and Flexibility is what evolves us into a Resilient organisation…..A Sustainable Partner.